An introduction to ‘The Old Way’, Walk and Talk led by William Parsons, the British Pilgrim Trust


An introduction to ‘The Old Way’ A Canterbury Pilgrimage beginning in Southampton, Walk & Talk 9th August starting at 2pm from St Mary’s Church Southampton William Parsons, of the British Pilgrim Trust

The Old Way to Canterbury is a lost pilgrimage route, rediscovered from Britain’s oldest road map – the Gough map, dated c. 1360. For over two centuries, this was the most accurate map of Britain that shows overland routes. But in nearly 3000 miles of roads, the Gough map only shows one path to Canterbury. And it is not the one you might think.

Will’s 90-minute micro pilgrimage will travel from Southampton’s mother church of St Mary’s visiting various Pilgrim sites and arriving at God’s House Tower for a song based arrival ritual and some Pilgrim’s Dole. 

Will has been pioneering new directions for British pilgrimage since 2004. Co-founder of the British Pilgrim Trust, Author and Wandering Minstrel, Will has taken British pilgrimage from BBC1 to World Service to Vogue Magazine.

The Walk & Talk will start at 2pm from St Mary’s Church, Southampton and finish at God's House Tower. 

Your ticket includes a 'Pilgrim Dole' and entrance to the Tower Exhibition.