Building Bridges with Kimvi Nguyen: 2


Inspired by the 2019/2020 theme GHT: Beside the Sea and GHT's lost connection to the water, participants will be invited to reimagine the GHT gallery space as an island in search of renewed connections with the community.

Working with artist Kimvi Nguyen, participants will create an organic structure inspired by personal memories, stories, recollections and thoughts of the sea. The memories will be recorded through spoken word, writing, drawing and painting onto found objects from the GHT refurb project, using local materials such as Southampton chalk to create a sculpture representing a bridge.

Kimvi will start each session with a short introduction to the themes for the session.

All ages, abilities and experience welcome.

Workshops take place throughout November: November 2nd, 9th, 17th, 23rd, 1st December