Professor Anne Curry: Knowing too much, knowing too little? Agincourt and Bosworth


Professor Anne Curry: Knowing too much, knowing too little? Agincourt and Bosworth

Two iconic battles of the fifteenth century, involving two iconic kings. But whilst we have many contemporary sources concerning Agincourt, we have relatively few for Bosworth. Anne Curry considers this dilemma and what it means for the interpretation of these battles.

Anne Curry is Chair of the Battlefields Trust and a former president of the Historical Association. She has recently retired as Professor of Medieval History at the University of Southampton where she was also Dean of Humanities for eight years. A  world expert on the Hundred Years War and the Battle of Agincourt and the author of a number of books on the subject,  Anne Currie was also involved as historical consultant in the HLF-funded project which located the true site of the battle of Bosworth. 

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