'The air of Southampton is the healthiest in all England' with Dr Cheryl Butler


“The air of Southampton is the healthiest in all England” - Invalids, Fashionable Cures, and Patent Medicines: a popular guide to Southampton Spa.

Or as one visitor put it: “I proceed to tell you , that my health is much improved by the sea; not that I drank it, or bathed in it, as the common people do: no! I only walk’d by and look’d upon it.”

Dr Cheryl Butler will host a fascinating talk about Southampton as an 18th century town famed for its fresh sea air. The current exhibition of the Pether paintings of the Spa town create an image of the picturesque and romantic. However this talk will consider the contemporary treatments and bizarre medical practices from earth bathing, to wet shoes and stockings and the mysterious-sounding practice, Lady Mary’s feet.

Ticket Price: £5.