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The Stories Behind the Stones

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sobota 9 lipca 2022

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This exhibition takes you on a journey through GHT's dark history and turbulent past. As you climb the tower you will uncover stories about the weapons that were stored here, the gunners and the gaolers who worked here and the prisoners who were held here against their will. Illustrations, animations and model maps bring to life the stories behind the stones. 

The exhibits on the ground floor tell the origin story of GHT and the devastating French raid of 1338 that prompted the town to build defensive fortifications, including God’s House Tower, completely encircling Southampton. 

On the second floor you will find out more about the building’s original use as a defensive tower and learn about the lives of four town gunners. You can also explore a small hidden part of the building that was once a medieval toilet! 

As you climb the stairs to the third floor, you will hear the voices of prisoners speaking of their violent crimes and the gruelling work and hard labour that they were sentenced to at God’s House Tower. 

Up on the roof you can take in the view and find out about how Southampton’s skyline has evolved over 700 years. 

To book your place:
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During your visit you can also explore:
- Changing art exhibitions in Barker-Mill Project Space and Contemporary Gallery
- The new cafe and bar
- The community library
- The GHT Artists' Shop

We’ll be keeping you safe during your visit

In line with government guidance we are operating at a reduced capacity and booking before your visit is encouraged. We have installed hand sanitisers throughout the building as well as implemented a regular cleaning regime.  

If you have any concerns or questions before your visit please contact